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Introduction to taxidermy | WGNT
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Here it is Wellingtonians! Your chance to take one of my Introduction to Taxidermy classes on Saturday 23rd February 2019.

Our workshop will be held in the haunted Inverlochy Art School (3 Inverlochy Place, Te Aro) starting at 10am, and should finish up at around 5pm.

We'll discuss the ethics involved in taxidermy, the health and safety aspects and I'll show you how to make your own piece. This class will be mixed species (medium sized birds, rat and large mice) which is great for beginners as you'll have an idea of how to work on both.

Preferably you'll source your own specimen, but if you get caught short hopefully I can supply some too depending on what I've been able to collect. 

Once you have enrolled by purchasing via this listing, I'll send you an email regarding how to store your specimen, as well as some considerations you may want to think about before you attend in regards to the finishing of the piece (mounting etc).

For more information click here, or feel free to email me at

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