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Taxidermy kit
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Designed for students who have attended my taxidermy classes, the kit includes:

- premium stainless standard operating scissors (sharp/sharp) 130mm
- premium stainless Halstead mosquito haemostat forceps (straight) 125mm
- premium stainless scalpel handle (size 3)
- five size 10 scalpel blades
- pack of 12 stainless steel suture needles (half curved triangular) 
- 300g Borax
- glass jar for water/dish wash solution, and storage afterwards
- eco soy wax, shea butter cocoa butter and avocado oil candle, handmade by me. These candles have a light fresh coconut scent and are fantastic to burn while you're working on a taxidermy piece especially those that may not smell as fresh as it did when they first went in the freezer to be used instead of air fresheners or neutralisers,. This candle also doubles as a moisturiser, which is great for using after working on taxidermy. When you're finished using the candle, blow out the flame and wait for the wax to cool down before pouring a small amount on your hands. Rub in well. 

The kit comes in a reusable cardboard box filled with wood wool which can be used to make taxidermy forms.

Note: using second hand sheets cut down to size is a great replacement for paper towels, just soak then in cold water, wash and dry them, and they're ready to go for the next project. All soft lastic packaging of scissors, haemostats, scalpel blade holder and needles can be recycled in the soft plastic bins at Countdown supermarkets.

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